Thursday, December 2, 2010


Another sold out, standing-room-only crowd swung into the Foxwoods Theatre on Wednesday night for the second-ever preview performance of SPIDER-MAN Turn Off The Dark.  People hoping to score a last minute seat were roaming 42nd Street searching for scalpers, asking if anyone on line had an extra ticket to sell.

Spotted among the crowd were Emmy-winner Jane Seymour and her daughter.   Tony-winner Katie Finneran was also in attendance, and was overheard telling a friend at intermission, “When Spider-Man started flying, I cried!”  

Ms. Finneran wasn’t the only audience-member to have a visceral reaction to the aerial stunts.  A woman in the balcony, seemingly unable to control herself, yelled out, “Oh no! … YAY!,” during one particularly eye-popping moment.

Outside the theater, after the show, news cameras and radio reporters stood poised to capture audience reactions.  One excited fan (dressed almost entirely in Spidey paraphernalia) was having a tough time expressing his emotions to a reporter, leaving it at, “Whoa – that was really intense.”


  1. I'm not a big "broadway show" guy, but I'm a Spider-Man fan from WAAAAAAY back. EXCELSIOR!

  2. the flying is great -the effects are great-but why why did you change the story-the person sitting next to us left -it is not good.
    all the celebs in the world are not going to make this show great

    get rid if the spider woman (so creepy) more green goblin-mary jane and flying!also the songs all sound the same